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Heyy everyone,

So for this Halloween series I've got going I didn't want to just do make-up and outfit posts as I feel I should add a bit of variety into my blog. Though this might not get as many reads as the other posts, I hope you can enjoy at my attempt (I stress the attempt) at doing some DIYs that could be used for a party or just because you want to decorate your house, like my sisters' like to do. Okay anyway lets get into the post.

*Tried to get some Autumness into the post even though it rained hehe*

I'm going to keep these DIYs simple, not only so they're quick but I'm also not very good at DIYs -_- . So first I thought of the ghost banners, I think I saw something that gave me inspiration on WeHeartIt (Do people still use this? Or is it mainly Pinterest?). I found a template of a ghost on the internet which I printed out then cut out and repeated the step over again but by tracing it onto paper so I could had a chain of them. Next I was going to put them onto a piece of string, which I think would have made the decoration stronger, that I would have painted black but I didn't have any so ribbon will have to do. And there you have it.

For the next DIY, as many bloggers I have a thing for candles so this one was just using an old jar a black marker and tea light to make a Halloween candle holder sort of thing. Using the black marker I drew on a Halloween design for me I liked the spider web and spider look but you could do something like a pumpkin or a cat, if you're not that artist just find an outline off the internet and use that as a template.

 He makes me want to go watch Caspar the friendly ghost or ghost busters or something else ^_^

Okay, so that's it for this post, I know it's a short one but hopefully the photos will be sufficient and can give you some kind inspiration if your going to do some DIYs for Halloween. I would totally be better at this if we had Halloween parties, but then I'm not really a party person.

Over to you, you going to any Halloween parties this year? Or do you just not go to parties like myself?

Till next time, Sophie xox

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