Day out at the London Eye

Heyy everyone,

Yesterday my family and I went up to London, if you hadn't guessed from the title of this post, to go to on the London eye. We had been waiting years to finally find some time to actually go on it, and as we have Merlin passes yesterday was the day. So as most people do both my sister and I took photos, these are just a few (and really can't tell which ones she took and which ones I took) of them. Enjoy!

Excuse the dots, the windows needed a clean.

Don't mind my feet, I was sat down.

I had an amazing day, and can't wait till we next go to London, which will be for the London dungeons in the next few months.


Review: Baby lips

Heyy everyone

Finally found some time to blog after a hectic last week going back to school and realising how much school actually stresses me out. So keeping it simple I thought I would write my first review, that honestly I've been meaning to do for ages - finally caught up with everyone else writing about baby lips.

The baby lips lip-balm, I have to say is one of my must have products in my make-up bag. After going through so many different lip-balms, some being to sticky, some being absolutely terrible and failing at keeping my lips from cracking, I finally found baby lips which in all has been perfect for me and keeping my lips in good health.

The 8 hour hydration, indeed, is actually true and it can last pretty much all the way through school with out having to re-apply - till lunch of course. However during the holidays, while camping, it was literally a life saver, defiantly when on a hill while the wind was deciding to whip pass us trying to take the tent away.

Also all the different types of baby lips are amazing. Personally I prefer the hydrate and cherry me ones (the two in the pictures above) as hydrate is perfect for school and cherry me is perfect when I want my lips to have a bit more colour but still keeping them hydrated. Honestly I haven't tried the others, but according to my sisters they're all are amazing.

Not sponsored. All my own opinion.